Grafos Steel continues to grow: a new plant in Fiorano Modense

Quality production as always, fast and certain delivery times and better workflow organization: these are the main objectives that Grafos Steel will be able to continue to pursue, even more effectively, thanks to the new plant in Fiorano Modenese that flanks the Formigine headquarters, for a company that is continuing to grow and looks to the future with optimism and ambition. The new industrial spaces, about 3,000 square meters in area, are fully operational, and now host the machinery through which all mechanical processing is carried out, starting with milling.


In particular, the new plant has been designed and set up according to the innovative logic of “lean manufacturing,” that is, the combination of methods and tools that lead the company toward operational excellence. This makes it possible to further make all steps of production and logistics more efficient and synchronized, to provide customers with the best service and products on the market, while ensuring competitive prices. A combination, this, that has always distinguished Grafos Steel’s actions. Technical expertise combined with advanced equipment ensure, infact, that the company has complete control over all production processes, from machining to printing. This is how the excellence of the wide range of products is born, from “simple” engraved plates to front panels to more complicated processes such as front panels with cutouts for displays, buttons and interface ports.


In the ‘heart’ of the new factory in Fiorano Modenese stand 7 pantograph milling machines and 5 CNC milling centres with 3 and 5 axes, technologically advanced, new-generation machinery, thanks to which metal parts in both aluminium and stainless steel are manufactured, characterised, as mentioned, by high levels of complexity and quality standards. Not only frames and panels (with thicknesses ranging from 2 to 20 millimetres and with possible integration of capacitive and resistive touch screens) but also, for example, heatsinks, boxes and complex mechanical elements.


Finally, particularly important is the guaranteed lead time for the production and delivery of milled parts in aluminium and stainless steel: 5-7 weeks. In parallel, always in order to meet all customer requirements, Grafos Steel can activate special procedures for prototypes and urgent samples.

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