Control Panels and Surfaces

From the simplest frame to the complete HMI control panel

Grafos Steel creates control panels featuring PCAP and resistive technologies for any depth and always at the highest quality standards.

HMI control panels and surfaces are available for front, rear, and true flat mounting, thanks to a dedicated design and cutting edge assembly lines.

Grafos Steel projects and builds every control panel and every metal frame according to each client’s needs and specifications. Options include custom monitor and display dimensions, mounting, materials and finishing.


  • Aluminum and stainless steel frames
  • Different surface treatments available 
  • Switches, keys, LEDs, and access or protection ports integrated
  • Glasses and touchscreens embedding
  • Keyboards integration
  • Anodizing and powder coating
  • Monitor and display integration
  • Printed or engraved symbols 
  • Custom made mounting and sealing devices
Cornici metalliche e Pannelli di Controllo GS Panel Master

19” touch panel featuring an integrated sensitive touchscreen and metal flaps

Cornici metalliche e Pannelli di Controllo

Stainless steel frame with a brushed finishing