Custom keyboards: endless options

Your very own keyboard for the right price

Throughout the years, Grafos Steel always focused on the design of industrial metal keyboards and num pads tailored to the most specific needs of every single customer. Today the creation of entirely custom-made products represents a specialty and a key component of the company’s business. 

The technical and engineering team of Grafos Steel is capable of developing all kinds of customizations. Thanks to our patented technologies FIT, DIGI, and CKI,  it is always possible to create a cost-effective and highly competitive custom made product with short delivery times. That includes keyboards and keypads featuring the most diverse options:

  • Any touchpad, trackball or other pointing  devices
  • Backlit keys and symbols
  • Endless possibilities for any control panel shape
  • Custom keys and symbols configuration
  • Custom options for mounting and embedding
  • Tailor-made shapes, dimensions, and placement of keys
  • LED and display integration
  • Multiple options for surface treatments and membrane configurations
  • Personalized custom laser engravings and chemical etchings
  • Specialized IP protection and LABS free solutions
  • Custom interface options such as USB, PS2, RS-232, I2C, etc.
  • Rapid prototyping 

Are you interested in discovering how Grafos Steel can create your custom-made product?

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