Manufacturing: at the heart of the company

Ultimate flexibility, expertise, and versatility

Grafos Steel’s production has a vertical range of manufacture of almost 100% in the field of metalworking. The basis for this is an excellently equipped, wide-ranging machine park and highly qualified personnel. The result is the realisation of small-scale, special, individual and high-quality products. In addition, there is a high degree of flexibility with regard to customer requirements. From the front panel to the touch panel to the operating station, Grafos Steel manufactures the entire range of HMI hardware.

Grafos Steel produces at two locations in the Formigine area (Modena region, Italy). At the headquarters, the so-called “white” production is located on 2,000 square metres, which includes assembly and production stages under clean conditions. At the Ubersetto site, about five kilometres away, the mechanical production is located on 3,000 square metres, which essentially includes all metalworking. Manufacturing ranges from raw material from plate/coil to the finished mechanical product.

Our equipment

  • 6 Milling Machines 1.000×1.500 mm
  • 3 CNC Milling Machines 3-axis
  • 1 CNC Milling Machine 5-axis
  • 1 CNC Milling Machine 4-axis (automatic pallet changing)
  • 1 Laser Cutting Machine 4.000W
  • 1 Laser Cutting Machine 2.00W
  • 1 Fiber Punch Laser Machine 3.000W
  • 1 Punching Machine
  • 2 Bending Machines
  • 2 Grinding Machines
  • 2 Sand and glass bead blasting machines
  • 1 Metal wash equipment
  • 2 Stud Press Machines
  • 2 Stud Welding Machines
  • 1 Robotic Welding Station
  • 2 Welding Stations
  • 1 Silk-Screen Printing Machine
  • 1 Digital printer
  • 1 Clean Room
  • 1 Stud Press Machine
  • 2 Laser Cutting Machines for Plastics
  • 2 Laser Marking Machines
  • 1 Die-Cutting Machine
  • 1 Metal Domes Pick&Place Machine
  • 1 CNC Silicone Dispenser
  • 1 Automatic Testing Machine
  • 1 Automatic Optical Inspection Machine
  • Altimeter
  • Optical Inspection Machine
  • Roughness tester
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Environmental chamber
  • Salt Spray Meter Tester
  • Abrasimeter