Complex keyboards and projects by GS: impossible made possible

Complex Keyboards Grafos Steel

Do you need a complex keyboard or project but cannot seem to find a good supplier? Does your project look like an impossible mission?
In fact it is not, Grafos Steel will help you with that. The company’s special skills, experience and know how will let you have the exact product you call for.

Where to find the best complex keyboards

The best complex keyboards cannot be found, they can only be made. They are quite common these days, but we can easily say that the ones GS produce are definitely uncommon.

Why is that? Precisely because every single product is customized according to the clients’ requests and needs. In fact the company puts together different technologies and elements for a unique and personalized solution.

For example, you may have to picture, set up and manage data automatically.
You could be interested in low maintenance, silky haptic feedback, graphic customization and great connection availability. In that case, GS could provide a color touch screen display and a keyboard with all the main features. A low power consumption processor and extendable mass storage. Thermoformed or steel membrane keys with one of their famous technologies: FIT, DGI or CKI. Aluminium frames and silk-screen printed fronts. Finally, they would not fail to offer a great asset of communication ports and protocols.

One group, unlimited solutions

Products by Grafos Steel are outstanding also thanks to the other two business units of the group.

Noxid and Skintec are sure enough the perfect support in providing all the different elements for complex keyboards. The former has more than 25 years of experience in design and manufacturing custom-made metal small carpentry. The latter’s main activity, instead, is the supply of technological products for electronics and industrial automation. Both are highly beneficial and functional in this respect.

Additionally, let’s not forget the cutting-edge mechanics and electronics for a complete process control that makes the whole group stand out: industrial keyboards, panels, chassis and electronic components are the added value and lead to new areas of application, standard or customized, for all customer needs.

Last but not least, a rigorous management of the quality of their products enables them to get to the highest standard, also thanks to a vast array of dedicated equipment.

Conformism or innovation?

Customers must choose sides: usual and boring norm, or surprising and continuous innovation.

Thinking outside the box with creative and genuine solutions has never been so easy thanks to Grafos Steel and their ideas.