Aluminium keyboards by Grafos Steel: 20 years of experience at clients’ fingertips

Tastiere in alluminio

Aluminium keyboards has been on everyone’s lips for some time. But perhaps not everyone is aware that Grafos Steel has been a top producer in Italy for 20 years. You heard it right: that is not a brand new product for the company. They got there first, and it shouldn’t be surprising since this Emilian firm has always heavily invested in research, technology and technical development. With great results.

Aluminium keyboards: the benefits

One of the biggest advantages of aluminium is by far his exceptional versatility. That’s why aluminium keyboards can be used in multiple situations and different markets such as the industrial, naval or access control ones and transports.

They are suitable for many applications, from the satisfaction test hand controls to the emergency buttons on the metro. All these industries have in fact a lot of different needs and too often simple plastic cannot fully satisfy them. They are also usually tough environments that demand for unique and specific products.

It’s there for all to see then how aluminium keyboards—100% customizable—can be successful in these sectors. You can pick the logo, color, size, connection interface, surface treatment and the type of pointers and switches. In addition, just like all the other metal keyboards, being very solid, they ensure a safe protection against hits or accidental damage without limiting usability.

How GS’ ideas can fix clients’ pain points

In conclusion, GS answers every demand and every question of the client’s. And they answer with unique and customized solutions, quickly and on a competitive price, and with a particular care for quality and design. If their stainless steel keyboards are astonishing, their ability to model aluminium according to the clients’ needs is even better.

All this is possible thanks to a highly skilled technical department and an experienced and proactive customer service. You can easily say that the real convenience here is the company’s design contribution and their technical know-how, along with cutting-edge equipment and technologies. Mechanical processes count too: they are the same they use for aluminium control panels – cutting, milling and finishing – with different solutions for different treatments.

Innovation at hands

It’s clear that the first priority for GS is a full customer satisfaction, and the challenges it brings to the table are their driver for innovation. And since all the company equipment and machinery never stop working, we can just sit back and observe all the shiny surprises they will reserve for us in the future.