Grafos Steel expands production area to 5000 square metres

Formigine (MO), Italy. – Grafos Steel has commissioned a new plant with 3,000 square metres of production area. This more than doubles the previous production area of 2,000 square metres. The plant is located in Ubersetto near the existing company headquarters. The reason for the expansion is the planned strategic growth as well as a significant increase in incoming orders.

The new factory was realised with the criteria of modern factory planning. All production units are configured in such a way that they enable an optimized and flexible production flow. Mechanical components and assemblies are manufactured from raw material to the finished end product. Extensive investment in new machinery and equipment has resulted in a 100 percent vertical range of manufacture. In addition, efficiency and quality levels have been significantly increased. Grafos-Steel Managing Director Roberto Gatti is looking ahead with confidence: “Despite the current difficult environment, we have implemented our plan to reach an even higher level. With the new plant in Ubersetto and our existing plant in Formigine, our manufacturing portfolio is now ’rounded’. We want to underline our position as one of the leading European suppliers of electromechanical assemblies for industrial automation.”

The heart of the production is the milling centre, which is equipped with machines from DATRON, HAAS and Ronchini. Almost all types of metal are machined here precisely and cost-effectively. Complex surface structures can also be implemented with a new fully automatic laser punching system from TRUMPF. All complementary production units such as bending, welding, sandblasting, grinding, cutting, pressing or printing have also been upgraded with new equipment. The technical work preparation is integrated into the production, whose employees control and monitor the process flows. The existing site in Formigine was reorganised into “white” production. In addition to assembly and the test centre, there are clean rooms and sensitive production areas such as ESD protection, dust-free assembly, printing, potting and bonding.

With the expansion of production, Grafos Steel has positioned itself stably for the next five years. The increasing growth can thus be managed at a high quality level and with manufacturing flexibility.