Over 10 years of success

Grafos Steel was established under the name of Mekano Srl in January 2001 thanks to the commitment of Grafos Srl which, at that historical time, firmly believed in the project of developing and producing steel keyboards. The Mekano project started thanks to the engagement of a real specialist of mechanics: Mr. Domenico Dambra.

In 2007, Grafos Steel became the production division for stainless steel keyboards of Grafos Srl and later it became an individual company, in October 2009, under its current name.

Current shareholders are Mr. Roberto Gatti, who founded Grafos Srl, Mr. Domenico Dambra, who was the first to promote Mekano, and Mr. Alberto Tosi, Engineer and Technical Director, who joined the company in 2003 to boost the research and development of new products.


Fundamental phases

2001 >> foundation of Mekano;
2003 >> 1° patent of the Click-Inox keyboard, one of its kind, for having conveyed steel in the classic membrane keyboards;
2004 >> 2° patent of Digi-Inox of Mekano with system of gaskets up to IP69K;
2005 >> 3° patent of Fit-Inox of Mekano, unique, for the fulfilment of keyboards with long stroke all made of steel, even the internal core;
2007 >> at the end of the year, Mekano was integrated by Grafos Srl as its stainless division;
2009 >> in July, addition of the milling department of Grafos Srl for the production of milled panels;
2009 >> October, Grafos Steel commenced with the current company structure;
2011 >> Opening of a sales and marketing office in Germany;
2012 >> In March the production plant and the commercial office are unified in a new and representative building.