Stainless, like your highest expectations.

Long living, like your cutting-edge products.

That is how the stainless steel keyboards of GrafosSteel are: compact and indestructible, built around the best tactile interfaces present on the market. A selection of three different line of products, a certified quality, a high technological know-how and a qualified technical support make GrafosSteel your ideal partner to fulfill your high demands.
The GrafosSteel keyboards are completely customizable in every slightest detail and built for any use. The stainless steel keyboards are ideal for internet points, multimedia kiosks and cash point machines and they are the best for harsh industrial environments.

The GrafosSteel products enhance their properties such as high resistance against external stress, durability, tactile feed-back and elegant ergonomic design.

Grafos Steel, the specialist in stainless steel keyboards “Made in Italy”.