Ready made standard Keyboards and numpads

In all formats and for every language

Grafos Steel created its wide array of standard products for every application field thanks to more than fifteen years of research and developing in the industrial metal keyboards and num pads sector.

We crafted this line for those customers looking for cost-effective and short delivery times products featuring the durability and reliability that come with all Grafos Steel’s Keyboards, Keypads, and Numpad.  


The main features are:

  • Single keys
  • Num pads and full keyboards
  • Compact keyboards
  • MFII Keyboards
  • Our three technologies FIT, DIGI and CKI
  • Assorted options for key travel and actuation strength
  • Integrated touchpad or trackball
  • Various key shapes available
  • USB, PS/2 or matrix interface
  • Front mounting, rear mounting or embedded versions available
  • Integrated seal
  • Backlit keys
  • Laser engraved or chemical-etched keys
  • Chemical etching color filling 


  • Access control
  • Medical
  • SPayment Systems e self service
  • Industrial automation
  • Logistics