Our manufacturing plant: high quality with flexible and individual processes

All the stainless steel products come to life in the production facilities of Formigine (Modena). 
Innovative technologies at the service of durable, resistant and reliable products, capable of satisfying the widest variety of requirements.
Each assembly line has its own PC controled test system, in order to indipendently perform a 100 % functional and electrical test of all the keyboards produced.

The finish of some components is crucial for the end result.

To further improve the quality of our products, our production department is rigged-out with the best equipment available for mechanical machining and it has a dedicated area, separate from the assembly area, where the milling, sand-blasting, satin-finishing and insert assembly processes are carried out.
This considerably improves the work-flow and working quality.
Additionlly,  in this department we produce all the milled supports for touch-screen panels, keyboard supports, floppy hatches and much more.

Main activities

– Assembling
– Testing
– Chemical engraving
– Laser engraving
– Projecting
– Prototyping
– Pressing by mould
– Rectifying
– Satin-finishing